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Best Tricked-Out Gym Denver 2005 - Matrix Fitness-Spa

First things first: Matrix Fitness-Spa is not cheap. You pay for every amenity. But, oh, the amenities. The posh new place in the Beauvallon is packed full of them, from the locker rooms to the spa to the gym floor. The weights are made of urethane, so there's no clanking and clanging. Each piece of cardio equipment has its own flat-screen TV monitor, so there's no fighting over the remote. Plus, the screen gives you Internet access and allows you to order food from the Beauvallon restaurants and read magazines online. And best of all, it's not packed or full of meatheads, so you can get in, get a serious workout and get out. Feel the burn.

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DISHONEST! If you�re thinking of joining the Matrix Fitness & Spa in Denver look into other gyms.

When I signed up for my membership in July �08, I was working as a contractorand my girlfriend and I were planning on moving in together, somewhere inDenver. Aaron Garcia of the Matrix signed me up for a membership, I asked very clearly, �If I need to cancel my membership due to my work situation or moving, would that be a problem?� Aaron assured me it wouldn�t be as a verbal contract (given the uncertainty of not having a permanent job and plans to move somewhere in the Denver metro area, I never would have signed a contract in which I couldn�t get out of).

On Friday, February 13th, I spoke with Aaron Garcia, the membership rep who signed me up in regards to cancelling my membership. I was told to stop in on Saturday and Iwould be taken care of. I stopped in Saturday and was told I had to meetwith Kameron Banks, another rep who then told me there was nothing she could do for me. She also stated since Aaron signed me up, he could revoke my contract. She stated that Aaron would call me on Sunday and she would follow up on Monday. I still haven�t received a call from either of them.

After sending Aaron and Kameron an e-mail stating what I wrote above, I finally received a phone call from Aaron. Aaron then told me he would check with Kameron (do you see the run around?) and he would call be back. That was on Wednesday, February 18th and i�m still �waiting�

My girlfriend and I have moved and now Aaron nor Kameron won�t honor my request for membership cancellation (or even return my phone calls) even though Aaron as a verbal contract, assured me I�d be able to. I�m stuck paying $80 per month for the next 11 months.

Denver has a lot of great and cheaper gyms to offer: The Oxford Club,Dumbbells, Powerhouse Gym, Denver Rec. Centers, etc. Save your money and the run around, skip the Matrix Fitness & Spa!

Michael C


Matrix fitness is an awesome gym that doen't have the meat head feel of most downtown gyms. The place is usually not crowded and it is always easy to get on whatever equipment you want to. I love the facility and the staff is awesome as well.