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BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA Denver 2006 - Jackie Billotte Unmerciful Good Fortune Firehouse Theater Company

Barely out of her teens, a former gangbanger and the product of a violent home, Fatima is in prison for poisoning several customers in the fast-food joint where she worked. She claims to be able to see the future, and she exerts a profound influence on everyone who comes in contact with her -- whether that influence is beneficial or malign is open to interpretation. Full of dark fury, Jackie Billotte played this role as if her own life depended on it. She was brash and insistent, arrogant and manipulative, sometimes full of tenderness, sometimes bawling like a lost child. A mind-bending performance.
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jackie has much family background to pull from when it comes to a broken family. If you had ever seen her cry at home when she didn't get her way, and watch here in this movie...Wow! Hard to tell the difference.