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BEST AV Denver 2006 - Alex Tanguay

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Joe Sakic
In mid-March, Quebec-born Alex Tanguay was leading the post-Peter Forsberg Colorado Avalanche in goals, assists and points. A left-handed stick with quick moves and a powerful slapshot, the sixth-year winger is also blessed with good size (6'1", 190 pounds) and unshakable will -- appealing assets as the NHL tries to skate back into the public's heart after a near-fatal work stoppage last season. Look for Tanguay and team captain Joe Sakic to shine in the playoffs.
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Liane Tanguay
Liane Tanguay

Helo my name is Liane Tanguay,I am Ray/ Real Tanguay's niece.I am a huge fan! I want to meet you in person to get your autograph!I feel to lucky to have the same last name as you! ��

Till Then Liane Tanguay!