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BEST BAR TO ESCAPE THE SMOKE Denver 2006 - Meadowlark



2701 Larimer St.

Denver, CO 80205


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Several months after opening, the Meadowlark Lounge still has that new-bar smell, thanks to its decision to 86 smoking. Everything in the underground tavern is pristine and clean, from the shiny bar to the bathrooms, a dichotomy to gritty Larimer Street just outside its heavy, wooden door. But the place is laid-back and unassuming, a perfect spot for a chill beer, a conversation and even some mind expansion, thanks to Pyroclastic, a new experimental electronic-music night that makes its nest at the 'Lark every other Thursday. Pretty soon, the subterranean spot will feel worn in, like it belongs in the hood, but it won't ever smell like an ashtray.
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Magnet Mafia!
Magnet Mafia!

We love the Meadowlark! Great place for drinks. Super intimate, and the patio this summer is gonna be rockin!!!!! Hey Loy! Hey Amanda! See you soon!!