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BEST BEATLES BLAST Denver 2006 - Breakfast With the Beatles The Mountain

It seems that every rock-and-roll radio station in town has some form of Beatles tribute worked into its rotation, but the Mountain's Sunday-morning Breakfast With the Beatles stands out every week. Rather than endlessly spinning the fifty or so songs everyone knows by heart, DJ Archer digs deep into the Fab Four's catalogue, pulling out rare live tracks, demos and interviews, often surprising even the most seasoned fan. Archer's theme is more of a thread than a rule, so there are frequent oddities, such as obscure tunes recorded by artists on the Apple label and covers of popular Paul-and-John tunes done by folks from around the world. For the faithful, Breakfast With the Beatles is like that other Sunday-morning ritual: sacred, uplifting and essential.
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Neal Warner
Neal Warner


As a fellow Beatles fan I wanted to let you know that Rock & Roll Rehab ( has just released the new Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds fine art poster to commemorate the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' masterpiece, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The lyrics are illustrated as an enchanted Victorian era amusement park by renown rock & roll artist/animator Neal Warner of the multimedia art band The Tooners ( The Tooners cd Rocktasia ia available on iTunes). The poster can be viewed on the Rock & Roll Rehab web site;