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BEST BOUNCER Denver 2006 - John Killup Three Dogs Tavern

Readers' Choice: David Perez, 3 Kings Tavern
John Killup, aka Big John, is one scary motherfucker. He's big, very big, covered in tattoos and usually wearing a scowl that could freeze lava. Get a little out of control at Three Dogs Tavern, and he's going to keep law and order on your ass. But Killup has a softer side, too: The ladies' man models for Suavecito's, the local zoot-suit shop, and when he decides to let down, he has a killer smile. But don't tell anyone.
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Dick Oelze
Dick Oelze

Anyone know if John Killup was in the Marines on Okinawa circa 64-65...tks Dick?