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BEST CHEAP WORKOUT Denver 2006 - Denver Department of Parks and Recreation annual pass

Some people justify dropping big bucks on memberships to high-class joints with the flabby rationalization that they're more likely to hit the gym if they've been charged a lot for the privilege. And it's true -- you usually get what you pay for at these posh facilities...if you actually use all of their high-priced equipment. But if you want to get in shape for cheap, an annual Denver Department of Parks and Recreation pass grants you access to 29 rec centers, with about a dozen pools total, for just $150 a year. Although the meathead contingent can be heavy at some, there's no gain without some pain.
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jeff skill
jeff skill

My girl of 3 yrs is turning 40! and she wants to get in to better shape but i just moved to denver and have not found a job yet is thier a cheper rate for 40+? thanx JEFF.