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BEST CLUB NIGHT Denver 2006 - Lipgloss La Rumba

Lipgloss La Rumba

Lipgloss La Rumba

99 W. 9th Ave.

Denver, CO 80204


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In the restaurant world, you're considered a success if you still have a standing wait after being in business for a certain amount of time. That said, Lipgloss is the club equivalent of the French Laundry. Founded in 2001 by the Denver 3 (now the Denver 2 since Tim Cook has parted ways with Lipgloss co-founders Michael Trundle and Tyler Jacobson), the 'Gloss remains the hottest brand going. Five years in, there's still a line down the block leading to La Rumba, Lipgloss's home. Except now that line starts forming almost as soon as the doors open. Weekly listening parties and continually diverse playlists have made Lipgloss the choice destination for Denver's hipsters and rock's royalty; everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Peter Hook has stopped by. This kiss should be on your lips.
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me me
me me

have you tried to find other club nights? lipgloss is tired. seems like whom ever is voting is stuck in their tired ways as well