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BEST CONTEMPORARY MARTINI Denver 2006 - Parallel Seventeen - CLOSED

Parallel Seventeen

Parallel Seventeen

1600 E. 17th Ave.

Denver, CO 80218


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Readers' Choice: Purple Martini
Because there will always be those who can't leave well enough alone, there will always be one place that does wrong better than anyone else. This year, that place is Parallel Seventeen, with its wrongheaded but very right-tasting Vietnamese Coffee Martini. Made of chilled Vietnamese coffee, vanilla Stoli, Kahl?a and a single dot of sweetened condensed milk lurking in the hollow where stem meets glass, this amazing concoction has become our preferred non-traditional drink for all occasions, both social and professional -- although frankly, after two of these, any occasion becomes social, and after three, it might as well be a slumber party.
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