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BEST DRINK SPECIALS Denver 2006 - The Front Porch

The Front Porch

The Front Porch

1215 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


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The Front Porch has been hyped as a neighborhood bar downtown. And it kind of is -- if your idea of a neighborhood bar is tables dressed up with odd wheatgrass displays and dressed-down LoDo glitterati packed in like sardines. Apparently in LoDo, not having a VIP room qualifies you as "neighborhood quaint." But regardless of labels, or mis-labels, people flock to the Front Porch because it has two of the best drink specials in the city. In one, the bar assigns names to days of the month -- sometimes as many as three per day -- and if you're there on the day that your name is featured, you drink for free. It's kind of like a birthday except there are no assholes poisoning you with nasty shots. Drink what you want, all night, free. And on Wednesdays, the Front Porch really gets moving with the brilliant-in-its-simplicity Flip Night. Order some drinks, the bartender flips a coin, you call heads or tails, and if you call correctly, your drinks are free. This parlor trick holds as true for one drink as it does for fifteen. If you're lucky, you'll get hammered without paying a thing. Just remember to tip your flippin' bartender.
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