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BEST DUELING SHOWS Denver 2006 - Leaving Aztlan and Never Leaving Aztlan

Politically aware realist painting has been the mainstay of Chicano art for decades. In recent years, however, more and more Mexican-American artists have branched out into what's known as "post-Chicano" art. This switch was the topic of last spring's Leaving Aztlan at Metro State's Center for Visual Art, which was organized by guest curator Kaytie Johnson. In response, George Rivera came up with the idea for Never Leaving Aztlan to discuss the ongoing power of Chicano art. But in the show, as realized at the Museo de las Americas by Patty Ortiz, the post-Chicanos come out on top again.
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jesse de la Cruz
jesse de la Cruz

I believe these shows showed be documented in art history text books, their relevance to the art community as a whole is important to all scholors studying Contemporary Art history.