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BEST FREE SERVICE Denver 2006 - Easter Sunrise at Red Rocks

Easter Sunrise at Red Rocks

Easter Sunrise at Red Rocks

18300 W. Alameda Parkway

Morrison, CO 80465


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If you only go to a church service once a year, make it the Colorado Council of Churches' Easter Sunrise at Red Rocks. For 58 years, Denverites have been hauling their blankets, parkas, umbrellas and Thermoses up a huge sandstone hill to find religion in the world's most beautiful amphitheatre. Choirs, gospel singers, preachers, drummers, dancers and string players have all taken the stage to welcome spring and let the Spirit move them. But it's hard to beat the opening act of the sun rising over the plains, illuminating the park's giant red-rock flanks.
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Let me tell you - WOW ! I am a 40 year native of Denver (born & raised in Englewood) and I now reside in Aurora. Growing up my Mom always wanted to go to Sunrise Mass at Red Rocks- which we never did. Well I am now the mom so my daughter & I (age9) decided to go last year. I am so at a loss for words to even begin explaining how wonderful of an experience it was ! To be with my daughter there in the midst of 10,000 + others was an experience of a lifetime ! This year my mom will be visiting from out of sate for Easter Sunday and finally she/we will get to experience it together! Grandmother-Daughter & Granddaughter ! WOW!