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BEST FRIENDS OF COLORADO PHOTOGRAPHY Denver 2006 - Lisbeth Neergaard Kohloff and Skip Kohloff

Lisbeth Neergaard Kohloff and her husband, Skip Kohloff, retired from the board of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center last year, giving up their posts as the tag team that ran the place. The Kohloffs got involved with CPAC back in the '80s and have been the backbone of the institution. Over the years, they promoted innumerable local careers and put together a star-studded roster of exhibits that featured some of the most famous photographers in the West. It's safe to say the Kohloffs are two of the best when it comes to making Denver's art world tick.
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Hallo Lisbeth and Skip,

This is a letter from Asia, a Ukrainian student who stayed in Colorado in 1999. I bombed your Skip with love letters afterwards. What I want now is not to apologise, but to write about feelings I really had then, and about the way I feel now about what I did then.When I fell in love, or rather, when I thought I fell in love with Skip, I was in a state of despair. I felt noone needed me, with my sixteen years, with my numerous talents and even more numerous teenage problems. And, which is worse, I did not need myself. Fixed on my extraordinary personality, I had no slightest interest in my own life. I felt I had no reasons to live further.\"Falling-in-love-with-Skip\" was not a feeling. It was a game I invented, an attempt to fill my own emptiness. I was trying to entertain myself, to forget about pain I really had. I felt I had no reason to live further and I was trying to invent such reason. Playing this game, I used the feelings you and Skip really had to our group from Kyiv.I felt I could hurt you and that it was very unpleasant. I chose not to realise it.I do not feel guilty now. I only have the regret that I lost my chance for a real friendship with you, the connection which can break in our lives but always remains in our hearts.I do ask for forgiveness, I just want to be heard. Please, do not forget me.



this is a nice pome that u come u with love ya tamira