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BEST GIFT FOR PARENTS Denver 2006 - Family Flex

Family Flex

1005 Acoma St.

Denver, CO 80204


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Kids are a pain in the ass. They demand to be fed, and they take all your shoe money. Thank goodness for Family Flex, where parents can drop the youngsters off and spend a worry-free night on the town. Family Flex's daycare program has been wait-listed for much of the year since Marie Hueston opened the facility, but her drop-in evening care is available to anyone in town with a child under age twelve. Send the little demons over anytime between 5 and 11 p.m., and she'll feed and entertain them -- in an educational manner, of course -- for just $30 for five hours. All that, and it won't break the Choo and Lucchese budget.
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The facilities and staff are good here. However, the ownership leaves much to be desired. Price increases occur on a regular basis without advance notice. It took seven months to get a $5 overcharge refunded to me. I would suggest getting everything in writing and do not let them autobill your account.