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BEST HAMBURGER Denver 2006 - Bud's Bar

Bud\'s Bar

Bud's Bar

5453 Manhart St.

Sedalia, CO 80135


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Readers' Choice: CityGrille
When it comes to burgers, Bud's Bar is the winner and still the chomp. It's not much to look at -- a modest country joint catering to neighbors and weekend bikers down from the big city for a little road time. But its burgers are a sight to behold. That's because back in the kitchen, they've spent decades cooking nothing but hamburgers, cheeseburgers and doubles of each, focusing on them until the process became secondary and the product took on dimensions of greatness reaching far beyond simple mastery. Bud's burgers are tender and juicy, served on plain rolls with a minimum of embellishment, and at their best when covered with nothing but cheese and given nothing but your undivided attention.
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word!! buds rocks.. and now that its non-smoking its even better.. get the double/double cheesburger with no fries dammit! wash it down with a bud lt and your good to go.. with // goodness.