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BEST HIP-HOP CD WITH A LATIN FLAVOR Denver 2006 - Mental Advisory The S.P.I.C.S.

Spanish Poets Invading Colorado Streets -- the S.P.I.C.S. for short -- are neither reggaeton-inspired bandwagon-jumpers nor mere mainstream-rap imitators. Rather, Joel-C and Cryme Dawg are proud local Latinos who use the template of gangsta rap to tell their own, unique story. On Mental Advisory, the chant of "Chicanos, Mexicanos" throughout "S.P.I.C.S." echoes with the sort of pride that should inspire residents of any hood.
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Beto Chavez
Beto Chavez

Whats good this is ya boy DMENtD putting it down real tough for DENVER look out for DMENtD freestyle religion DVD & Online freestyle videos......