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BEST LIQUID LUNCH Denver 2006 - Pho Fusion - CLOSED

Pho Fusion

Pho Fusion

8800 E. Hampden Ave.

Denver, CO 80231


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One day Tom Bird realized that no one in Denver had combined the booming fast-casual restaurant model with the fresh, healthy benefits of Vietnamese cuisine. And so he started Pho Fusion, which serves not just pho, but spring rolls and lettuce wraps, a decent cup of Vietnamese coffee and a spread of popular mutt-Asian entrees. But the four pho offerings are what Pho Fusion does best, and they are what may make Bird's idea take flight. Sitting down for a meal at his creation is like going back in time to the original Chipotle, or even the first McDonald's. Except the food tastes better -- and is better for you.
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Dave Buncheue
Dave Buncheue

My wife and I love this place! The pho is great, but I'm more of a noodle bowl guy. It gets crazy at lunch with the DTC crowd, but the line moves fast and you can get in and out quickly. Authentic asian food in a comfortable and high energy environment. I agree with the review, these guys are the next Chipotle (but the food is healthier and tastes better). It begs the questions, With places like this, why does PF Changs always get best Asian/Chinese restaurant? Come on Denver!