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BEST LOCAL RADIO STATION Denver 2006 - Radio 1190

Commercial radio gets lamer with each passing year, which only makes Radio 1190 sound stronger by comparison. Because the station is staffed by students from the University of Colorado at Boulder, the turnover is continuous. Yet the outlet has maintained a high level of quality, thanks to the most eclectic playlist in town (one recent hour ranged from Mi and L'au to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass) and great specialty shows such as Under the Mattress, a Sunday show focusing on vintage rock. This is a commercial-free oasis in a desert of radio mediocrity.
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The dram supreme
The dram supreme

My name is logan moore.I am the founder and song writer of my band the dream supreme.I just moved to denver from wichita ks.I just finished my sophmore album titled(youre spy looks like a catapillar).I am looking to get some radio play and im not sure how to come about it.I would explain the music as phschadellic power pop or dream pop.does anyone know how i would come about this if so you can email me at i also have a myspace for us as well come check it out.thanks