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BEST METAL BAND Denver 2006 - Valiomierda

Valiomierda has its priorities in order. Yes, the band delivers lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese as well as in English, but trilingualism is less important to cohorts Lance Julander, Val Landrum, Bart McCrorey and Igor Panasewicz than is rocking listeners to within an inch of their lives. Thanks to originals such as "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" (not to mention a crushing cover of Motorhead's "Killed by Death"), Valiomierda is lethal in any language.
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zakaria hamoudi
zakaria hamoudi

good day,the only metal band living in algeria(north of africa) is coling u today..the name of the band:WAGHZEN.the style:berber's idea of us u can lesten in: .we are cast away we need help :a manager we have 11years wood experience we are suffring no true studios .