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BEST OFFICIAL SKATEPARK Denver 2006 - Aurora Skatepark Iliff Ave. east of Chambers Rd., Aurora 303-739-7160

Readers' Choice: Denver Skatepark
The Aurora Wheel Park complex is big and round, shaped like a pizza, with one slice featuring a BMX dirt track, another housing a BMX ramp course, and another piece reserved for three roller-hockey rinks. But by far the most popular topping is the 20,000-square-foot skatepark that opened in 2002 to the excitement of riders throughout the metro area. Designed by SITE Design Group out of Arizona for a total cost of $300,000, the Aurora Skatepark can easily accommodate a variety of users -- everyone from balding BMX dudes to first-graders in Heelies. The street course has an open, mellow feeling, with well-placed ledges, rails and pyramids. The snake run is small, but skaters who hit the angles right will be pitched into a fast bowl with tight walls and interesting lines. Most important, the texture of the concrete is just right -- not too smooth and not too rough (unlike the Denver Skatepark, which is far too slick, in case you were wondering).
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