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CAN COME HOME AGAIN Denver 2006 - Steffan Tubbs KOA

Steffan Tubbs was just a kid when he was hired by KOA back in 1994, and promptly earned a reputation for solid reporting and hunkiness that's uncommon in radio; a U.S. News & World Report scribe covering the trial of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh dubbed him "the Brad Pitt of the courtroom." That kind of press translated into a gig as a national correspondent for ABC Radio and the opportunity to appear on major television stations in Los Angeles and New York City. Last year, though, Tubbs shocked his NYC colleagues by coming back to KOA as host of Colorado Morning News. Since his return, Tubbs's solid news judgment and willingness to get out of the studio have only improved the program; he spent much of March with U.S. forces in Iraq. Welcome home.
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