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BEST RADIO DJ Denver 2006 - DJ Chonz KS-107.5

Readers' Choice: Lewis & Floorwax
DJ Chonz is a member of the Radio Bums, a collective devoted to promoting forward-looking hip-hop. Yet urban-music buffs in these parts know him best for his work at KS-107.5, where he brings an underground sensibility to the mainstream, presenting live mixes on weekdays and really getting the party started during Friday rush hour. Some Bum.
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Although I do not know whether DJ Chonz is any good or not, I do know that KS 107.5 is terrible. And I love hip-hop! I find their selection of music to be incredibly repetitive and dull. I mean, they will pick a song that was never even a hit and play it again and again and again for a year or more. They would do much better if they simply based their choices upon what is popular on the music charts or on the MTV Countdown. They seem to have a particular penchant for tracks that are made up of the same six or seven notes repeated again and again about 50 times with no variation. Give me a break! I know that better hip-hop exists out there, since I watch the VH-1 soul channel, among other things.


i want a hear music my kids love this kind