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BEST RADIO TALK-SHOW HOST Denver 2006 - Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman KHOW

Readers' Choice: Peter Boyles, Mike Rosen (tie)
This award's a two-fer. Yeah, Dan Caplis can be infuriating, especially when he refuses to find fault with such favored institutions as the University of Colorado, and Craig Silverman's nasal honk is so pronounced that listening to the show outside invites attacks by dive-bombing geese. But Caplis has proven to be a determined digger capable of tracking down information that's eluded full-time reporters, and the pair has a good feeling for what topics will pop that day. At its best, the program spotlights differing ideologies rather than redundantly pressing the same agenda, and while the two hosts regularly take highly dubious stands, disagreeing with one -- or both -- of them is part of the fun.
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Stan McGinnis
Stan McGinnis

Gentleman, this guy is close to a sociopath! He definitely has anger management issues, authoratative issues and should be locked up and/or put into counseling for two years! This is not acceptable behavior and if something is not done now, he will do something else that might involve humans!