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BEST RIDES -- ILLEGAL Denver 2006 - G-Ride

The Jester, a gypsy cab driver, has weathered some turbulence this year. But he recently rescued his storied lime-green Chevrolet Impala from hock and is once again rolling around D-town in style, offering clandestine rides to the stranded and the impatient. In the plus column, he picked up Sound Tribe Sector 9 from an after-party, and the appreciative rap group found some, uh, herbal way to compensate him. On the negative side, one evening the G-Ride crossed paths with Ross Alexander, president of Yellow Cab, outside the Pepsi Center -- and then had to lie low for a couple of days. But Jester's now back on the mean streets of Denver. It's what he knows, and he enjoys getting people home safely -- for a bartered price -- as much as he appreciates being able to make a living doing it.
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Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann

As a yellow cab driver, i had a run in with ross alexander CEO of yellow cab. He billed me 120 dollars for a 20 ticket that he paid. I didn't get the ticket, it was someone else and he elected to pay it, making him responsible for the ticket, as he assumed guilt. It took me a month and three written requests to driver relations, the third threatening legal action, before I got the money put back into my account. I first though had to talk with Ross. He brought me into his office and tried to intimidate and bully me. He asked, "have you ever seen the movie, Back to the Future?"! I said, "why yes, I have" he then exclaimed, "...well, I'm like Marty McFly when it comes to court, don't call me chicken!" I then said, "I don't want to have to take you to court over this matter, I don't like court" "...I also don't like being charged for something I didn't do" "...and having to go to such great lengths to get that money back" "furthermore,even if I did get that ticket, you elected to pay for it, thus assuming responsibilty and guilt for it" "trust me Marty, I'm not a lawyer or anything, but you don't want to go to court over this" I then asked, once again, "...Could you please put this money back into my account?" and he did. Sure, for about 3 months it was really hard to rent a cab from them and when I did get one it was a death trap, but that's what happens when the state legalizes racketeering. Cab drivers are forced to pay into the Cartel that is propped and profited from by government. It is not a regulated industry as the PUC claims. It's a legalized racket. G-ride is not illegal. Earning a living is not illegal. G-ride should not coward down to cumquats like Ross Alexander or the Colorado Public Utilities Commission's Taxi Cab racket.