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BEST RIDES -- UPSCALE Denver 2006 - Central Car Service 303-866-0123

Taxis are not glamorous. They're temporary and transitory, the mobile equivalent of a phone booth: meant for quick use and quick turnaround by lots and lots of people. But with Central Car Service, being driven around town can be damn near classy, thanks to a fleet of newer Cadillacs outfitted with lush interiors and functional air-conditioning and stereo systems. They'll still pick you up at a dirty dive bar and take you through the Taco Bell drive-thru at 2 a.m., but you'll look good doing it.
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Central Car Service
Central Car Service

Dear Aaron,

We apologize that you feel you have not received stellar service from us and that we may have dropped the ball with your call. We hope you will call us and let us make things right for you.

Central Car Service


These guys are always late and the cars arn't in very good condition. Its imposible to get a ride on friday and saturday nite. I wouldnt call it luxury or professional at all. Your better off in a taxi with Habib.