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BEST TASTE OF NEW YORK, OUTER BOROUGHS Denver 2006 - Big Bill's New York Pizza

Big Bill\'s New York Pizza

Big Bill's New York Pizza

8243 S. Holly St.

Littleton, CO 80122


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Big Bill's has great pizzas, calzones and chicken parm sandwiches, as well as the requisite New York mementos hung all over the walls to let everyone know that this is the real deal. But what truly gives Bill's an honest feel of New York's blue-collar latitudes are the Drake's Cakes stocked proudly behind the counter. Just as Tastykakes are key to a Philly cheesesteak joint, the Drake's coffee cakes and Yodels give Big Bill's that extra bump of authenticity, making it an indispensable outpost for any ex-pat New Yorkers doing time in the Mile High.
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