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BEST TV NEWSCAST -- NIGHT Denver 2006 - Channel 4

Readers' Choice: 9News
Since the '70s, 9News has dominated the 10 p.m. ratings -- but Channel 4 finally appears ready to chip away at that station's nighttime lead. Veteran forecaster Larry Green's on the way out, but morning-sider Ed Greene should seamlessly fill his green-screen silhouette, and sportscaster Vic Lombardi, replacing outgoing Steve Atkinson, is a definite upgrade. They join solid anchor duo Jim Benemann and Molly Hughes and an impressive batch of reporters led by top investigator Brian Maass to form a crew that overflows with potential.
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Lou Glisan
Lou Glisan

I think your choice of Attorney David Lane was an extremely poor choice, to address legal issues surrounding the arrest of the CU student, Max Carson, who 'spoke in defense of the murderer at VTU. If you were going to have a liberal attorney, express his opinion, why did you not give the other side the chance to express an opinion more in tune with the thinking of the people. I think your choice of David lane was in extremely poor taste, and disrespectful to the general opinion of the people of this country, mourning the loss the students at VTU.