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BEST WAY TO TAKE OFF -- GROUND Denver 2006 - Luxury Lowrider

Tyler Stans knows sweet rides. To see him tooling around Denver on one of his custom lowrider bicycles, his dreads trailing behind him, is to see a man who understands style. Stans started chopping Schwinns three years ago after a friend pulled three old bikes from the trash and sold them to him for $300, and proceeded to make a name for himself as a talented restorer of antique bikes. But while that's still his livelihood, he prefers creating custom cruisers. Bikes go for at least a grand, but each one is a street-legal piece of art.
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Tony B
Tony B

I know Tyler from Orlando. I bought a 1965 Schwinn Super Deluxe Stingray around 12-13 years ago. It was the lime green one.

Tyler is a Master at restoring bike back to original condition (maybe even better) and designing new custom original lowrider bikes. Check him out. This guy is a true artist. Awesome awesome awesome !!Tony B