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Best Absurdist Cabaret Artist Denver 2007 - Nina Rolle

What do Zen and cabaret have in common? Nothing, unless you're Nina Rolle. The artist describes Zen Cabaret as "a traveling medicine show that pitches a tent in whatever town it's in, and then these rogues show up and put on a production." Most recently, Rolle pitched her Zen tent in Boulder for Zen Cabaret Version 6.5: Play Money, complete with audience-interaction elements, a soundtrack provided by Jayme Stone and absurdist retail therapy. "In a way, the whole thing is a practice of how I like to laugh, the kind of laugh I want to bring to people," Rolle explains. So chuckle it up.
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David Schneider
David Schneider

Nina Rolle is not only funny - that's her semi-self-deprecating surface. Underneath that she's quite a heavy hitter, with lots of classical themes on her mind, and with both the muscial and literary chops to take them on. I'll watch anything she does.