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Best Actor in a Drama Denver 2007 - Ami Dayan

Ami Dayan
In this taut political play, written by an Israeli playwright, the first Intifada is covered from the perspective of a Palestinian family. Ami Dayan, who also directed, played the older of three brothers, Da'ud. This man was hardly likable. He was a compromised character, tough and clear-eyed, willing to shift, bargain, bully, do whatever it took to survive. As blame flashed among him and his brothers, it was hard to find the play's moral center. As an actor, Dayan has a strength and authority that's rare in this area, and he is committed to using his art to explore some of the most urgent questions of our time.
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A very well deserved recognition. Ami is one of the most passionate, hardest working, constantly inspired artists I have the privilege of knowing. Congratulations!


Ami Dayan's performance in Mask blew me away. I also saw him in "Tale of a Tiger" and "The Man Himself" this year, and all three were some of the best theater I've ever seen in Colorado, and that's after working in the theater in New York City for seven years. Dayan's eyes are amazing: they just you suck in to whatever character he's playing, and keep you mesmerized. He truly deserved this award, and we are waiting with great expectation his next performance.