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Best Anti-Smoking Aid Denver 2007 - JuJu Central

Tracy O'Shaughnessy and Carole Wilke saw how hard it was for a friend to stick to her stop-smoking vow, so the two local women created JuJuStx to provide a little incentive. The bamboo toothpicks are infused with the natural sweetener Xylitol and other energizing ingredients and come in four flavors: cinnamon, mint ice, licorice and clove. While the picks satisfy the oral cravings of would-be quitters, the JuJu Jewel quotes on the back of each JuJuStx offer more inspiration. And should they need still more positive reinforcement, the company's website includes testimonials from contented customers, as well as the mission of the JuJu Girls: to help a million people quit smoking by 2009. Stick with it!<
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i have been smoking for many years now, i try to quit but i cant , i really want to can i get help