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Best Asset to the Stage Denver 2007 - Annie Dwyer

We're not awarding this for any one particular performance, though if we had to choose among this year's crop, it'd be Everything Old Is New Again, in which Annie Dwyer revived one of her old tricks: going out into the audience, snatching patrons' drinks -- beer, wine, Scotch, it was all the same to her -- and sucking them greedily down while never missing a line or a beat. Yes, the woman acts and dances and can sing raucous or beautiful depending on requirements. Sure, she teaches kids' classes and helps keep venerable old Heritage going. But that's not the reason for this award. Dwyer is fearless. She'll wade into the audience and corral some poor man, tousling his hair, accusing him of jilting her, snarking off to his wife or girlfriend, sitting on his lap, leaving a sticky lipstick ring on his bald pate. And it never gets old, because she does it with the same glitter-eyed intensity every time. She's a whiz with bubble gum, too. She can lasso you with it. Bottom line: Dwyer is a treasure and a true Colorado original. No one else can do what she does, and our theater scene would be much poorer without her.
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sam walter
sam walter

Annie Dwyer is not only my favorite actress but is also my favorite person. She is like a second mother to me. I have known her since i was 7 years old. Through hard times in my life she has always been there whenever i needed her. She is my role model and the best one i could have asked for. Because of her (along with the other actors at heritage square music hall) I am striving to be a musical theatre actress at heritage square music hall.

Thom Lich
Thom Lich

I enthusiastically agree with every word of praise for this talented young artist! A few short weeks ago I was in the audience for "Too Old To Be Loud" and I found myself on the receiving end of the hair tousling and jilted comments. You can't take your eyes off her when she's on stage, it's magnetic! She changed costumes countless times and played the part of each character with total commitment, what an amazing actor and she has an extremely versatile singing voice that is at her complete command. Her improvisational skills are mesmerizing and she moves with purpose and grace. My wife, my kids and I all had such a great time we will be going back to see her and the other very talented people at Heritage Square many, many more times!