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Best Barista Denver 2007 - Doug Naiman

This is a town teeming with baristas: tattooed, spike-haired baristas; convenience-store baristas; baristas entombed in drive-up booths; smarmy Starbucks baristas; barely breathing baristas. But once in a while you come across someone who just understands the art of making espresso, and Doug Naiman has clearly bean there and done that. He patiently extracts his wicked brew from this Beauvallon bistro's sleek, shiny espresso machine (a fine, functional unit that's all work and no play) and doesn't hesitate to start over when the results are less than perfect.
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Andrea Lin
Andrea Lin

I've finally visited Aviano and had the best espresso, latte and capuccino of my life, all within the span of 30 minutes.

$10 later and happily buzzed, I concur with the award. Doug, keep pulling those godshots!