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Best BBQ From a
Drive-Thru Denver 2007 - Jim 'n Nick's

Jim \'n Nick\'s

Jim 'n Nick's

24153 E. Prospect Ave.

Aurora, CO 80016


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What's better than barbecue? That's right: fast barbecue. While Jim 'n Nick's has all the trappings of a traditional barbecue restaurant -- tables, menus, waiters and such -- what makes it special is the drive-thru. Not only can you order off the entire menu here, but service is lightning-quick, and the real wood smokers fill every car with the smell of good old-fashioned brick-pit barbecue.
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While the smell of the wood is great, the food is far below par. It's like they don't take the time to make the meat any good.


I grew up in Birmingham Alabama. Jim N Nicks is from "the ham" - that's why it's so damn good. Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham is probably what most folks consider the best, but I've always been a big fan of Jim N Nick's.

Bob Herrod
Bob Herrod

The nice thing about Jim "N Nick's is you get the best Bar-B-Q in the world! I have never tasted better Q in all my years. I spoke with one of the managers and found out the reason is the freshness of the food. They don't have a freezer in the building... That's impressive. The menu is so varied its hard to think of Jim 'N Nick's as a Bar-B-Q restaurant. From pork butts to ham, turkey, catfish and one of the best rib-eye steaks I have ever eaten. They get my vote for Best BBQ period!

sam Burn
sam Burn

I couldn't agree more. I was in Denver on business recently and was craving some great Q. As a Southerner, I was highly suspicious of what I might find, but, WOW, Jim 'N Nick's is the real deal. One bite and I knew I had found true-blue, authentic Bar-B-Q. As a person who grew up on Bar-B-Q, this wasn't just good Bar-B-Q from a drive thru, it was the BEST bar-b-q I have ever had.