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Best Breakfast Burrito at 2 A.M. Denver 2007 - Viva Burrito Company

Viva Burrito Company

Viva Burrito Company

6990 Leetsdale Drive

Denver, CO 80224


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It's late, you're hungry and you've got a car full of dumb-ass buddies who are already too fucked up to drive and far too irresponsible to be trusted with choosing an appropriate spot for a late-night burrito fix. It's at moments like these that you should be thankful for Viva Burrito Company. The Leetsdale location has zero decor and zero ambience, but the food coming out of this little red box is just what's needed, whether you're looking to sober up, come down or just make it through another night. And after you're done with your breakfast burrito, come back through for some deep-fried tacos: This drive-thru's open 24/7.
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ken kjar
ken kjar

praising viva burrito is not in good TASTE unclean unpredictable