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Best Club Above a
Strip Club Denver 2007 - Tabu

Akio, the uni-monikered general manager of Tabu, is unmistakable with his trimmed eyebrows, slicked-skyward black hair and impeccably pressed suits. He can frequently be found making rounds throughout the club, all politician-like, shaking hands and beaming affably at patrons. His hospitality is infectious, and the rest of the staff is just as accommodating. Need a light? You got it. Need to freshen your drink? It's covered. Need an exotic dancer for your VIP table? Done. From the dance-friendly DJ selections to the top-shelf drinks to the community hookah, Tabu is an all-around crowd-pleaser. Oh, and the half-naked women bumping and grinding below at the Diamond Cabaret ain't too shabby of an added amenity, either.
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Mike Martin
Mike Martin


In the wee hours of the morning party goers were bubbly from all the bubbly at Club Butter in NY the other night. When things got a little out of hand when the DJ put on the song Scooter by Fluterscooter, Paris Hilton jumped up started dancing on the table and bottles went flying everywhere. She was sooo out of control the manager asked her and the entourage to leave.

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