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Best Colorado Distillery Denver 2007 - Stranahan's Colorado Distillery

Stranahan\'s Colorado Distillery

Stranahan's Colorado Distillery

208 S. Kalamath St.

Denver, CO 80223


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We've been waiting a long time to toast Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. But creating a brand-new whiskey takes time, and it wasn't until last spring that the very first barrel of Stranahan's was tapped at this micro-distillery in the Ballpark neighborhood. That initial taste was well worth the two-year wait, though. Stranahan's is smooth sipping whiskey that tastes as golden as it looks. And it's almost as rare as gold. Stranahan's is sold only in Colorado, and since just three barrels are produced per week, your best bet for finding it is at the distillery itself.
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Bryce Revell
Bryce Revell

My wife and I own a liquor store in Wray. Is it possible to get a case of this fine whiskey on our shelves for our customers. Thanks, Bryce and Leslie Revell. B&L Liquor 227 W 3rd St., Wray, Co. 80758

Sue Shipton
Sue Shipton

You are right-on. This whiskey kicks butt. We visited the distillery for the opening last April and marveled at the product produced. I've sent it to friends and relatives and am delighted that it can now be ordered for ous out-of-state folks through Binney's of Chicago. Congrats to Jake and Jesse and all the gang at Stranahans.