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Best Diamond in the Rough Denver 2007 - The Heyday

On stage, the members of Heyday are like precocious four-year-olds trying to ride a bike: cute and determined, yet still wobbly and unsure. In time, though, their inherent charisma will shine through, and they'll become less stilted, more fluid and self-assured. Rather than speed through the arrangements, as they do now, they'll learn how to just let the songs breathe. In other words, once the training wheels come off, look out! These kids are going to be off to the races. Led by Randy Ramirez, whose songwriting chops are well beyond his years, the Heyday is poised to break out in a major way.
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Steve MacCoun
Steve MacCoun

I went and saw the Heyday play and knew immediately that they had all the elements to be one of the top bands in America. Sensational!