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Best Dinner for $10 (for two) Denver 2007 - Tacos D.F.

Tacos D.F.

Tacos D.F.

2020 S. Parker Road

Denver, CO 80231


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You might recognize the name "Tacos D.F." It was painted on the side of a great lonchera that once prowled the streets of Denver. Now all the pleaures of that taco truck can be found in the same spot night after night, in a little joint in the middle of a strip mall along Parker Road. The space is warm and comfortable, with one wall covered floor to ceiling with black-marker graffiti scrawled by legions of satisfied customers. Service is exceptionally quick, incredibly friendly and eager to please. There are specials written out longhand on construction paper -- but anything from the regular offerings of pork and asada tacos, tacos cabeza, sopes de bistec and a short list of tortas is bound to be good. It helps to speak a little Spanish here, but you can usually get by with some phonetics, a little mime and a lot of pointing at the menu hung above the window where orders are taken, paid for and delivered.
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I love the huaraches, the lamb tacos (yup you heard rite!), and the awesome line of condiments. The decor is awesome, too! god I wish im around that area more often.