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Best DIY Project Denver 2007 - Bennett DIY Skatepark Project

With skatepark construction becoming a more formalized industry, it's easy to forget the sport's underground, do-it-yourself roots. But some of the most fun, inspired skate spots are built by the skaters themselves, wielding hammers and concrete trowels -- which is why the Colorado Coalition for Public Skateparks is campaigning to rebuild a concrete skatepark thirty miles east of Denver in Bennett. Skater volunteers from across the Front Range will do the work, under the supervision of renowned skatepark builder Team Pain. To raise the $30,000 needed for a bowl and street course, the squad has been selling custom pool tiles for $40 a section; it's already up to $12,000 in donations and grants. And, really, if you want something done right...
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Colorado Skate University
Colorado Skate University

SUPPORT BENNETT SKATEPARK!!! WE NEED ONE!Thanks to CCPS for working so hard to help raise funds for our tiny little town that desperately needs a place for kids.


Please help this become the best DIY skatepark, not just the best project. Donate, chip it!