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Best Fried Chicken Denver 2007 - Castle Cafe

Castle Cafe

Castle Cafe

403 Wilcox St.

Castle Rock, CO 80104


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Readers' Choice: Steuben's
This is great chicken, slow-cooked chicken, tender and greasy chicken sheathed in a crisp armor of salt-and-peppered batter, a one-off of the incomparable Kansas City style practiced by places like Stroud's and a hundred and one less well-known fry joints and chicken shacks. It's also chicken that can take more than forty minutes to arrive, because every bird that's ordered at Castle Cafe is split in half, hand-floured and cooked to order in a shallow pan by a guy whose only job is to watch those chickens and turn each piece at just the right moment to make sure each one is perfect. You know what? We love that guy. And the wait is totally worth it.
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Did anyone from Westword actually go down to Castle Rock and try this fried chicken? I just ate it last week and I've never been more disappointed from a meal when trying to indulge myself in flavor at the sacrifice of my health. Fried chicken is easily one of the most unhealthy foods you can eat so as long as your eating it, it better have a lot of flavor and be darn good. Castle Cafe's fried chicken has the least amount of flavor of any chicken I've ever had and to boot, the chicken was on the tough side and obviously overcooked. They serve the chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and AGAIN, if you're eating very unhealthy gravy it better be good. It was the most unflavorful gravy I've ever had and the potatoes had little flavor as well along with being a little too dry. They also serve large fresh rolls with the dinner and guess what? They severely lack flavor! In fact you have to strain to find any taste in them period! Besides the chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and the dinner rolls, the corn and cole slaw were good.I figure Castle Cafe is one of those restaurants that gets a good reputation only because it's chic (chic for Castle Rock that is) in that it's an old building of stone with it's own signature style of interior design (somewhat western/old-fashioned) and therefore is a place to be seen for those that succomb so easily to such a paradigm.The success of Castle Cafe is just more overwhelming proof that most Americans, while rich and wanting to show their prowess of cuisine, are still ridiculously underprivilged in their knowledge of dining and what good, fresh cooking is supposed to be...which is acheiving that difficult balance of indulging in flavor with a minimal to moderate sacrifice to you heatlth.Castle Cafe fails horribly in this common goal.And I don't think anyone from your publication actually went there unless they're completely inept in extremely obvious observation!