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Best Guide to Colorado Denver 2007 - Colorado Mountain Club Press

Wherever you're going, whatever you're doing in this state, the Colorado Mountain Club Press has a book for you. Looking for a quiet mountain trail without too much elevation but still away from civilization? Check. Seeking that perfect meadow to finish off your local flora checklist? You betcha. Want to hike a portion of the Colorado Trail but get lost finding your car in the Whole Foods parking lot? Hey, we all get lost there, but CMG's Colorado Trail Databook comes with GPS waypoints. With CMG publications in your pack, there's no reason not to explore our great outdoors.
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Rolf Asphaug
Rolf Asphaug

Under "Best Guide to Colorado," you originally listed the "Colorado Mountain Guide Press," citing that organization's many fine publications.

There IS no Colorado Mountain Guide Press.

You intended to honor the Colorado Mountain CLUB Press. (Thank you for correcting your website listing.) It�s the publishing division of the nearly 10,000-member Colorado Mountain Club: the largest recreation, outdoor education and conservation organization in the Rockies.

Most CMC Press books are written by CMC members dedicated to exploring, preserving and enjoying the Rocky Mountains. One of the CMC's books, �Guide to the Colorado Mountains,� has been in continuous publication for 50 years and is the best-selling Colorado book ever, with 250,000 copies sold to date.

In addition to publishing, the CMC:

-Leads 2,000 outings a year in the Rockies, from relaxed strolls to mountaineering adventures;

- Offers affordable trips to Europe, the Himalayas, Africa and elsewhere;

- Holds classes on dozens of subjects like high-altitude mountaineering, telemark skiing, flyfishing, climbing, and avalanche awareness;

- Provides education programs to thousands of Denver-area kids;

- Sponsors conservation advocacy and activities;

- With the American Alpine Club, has the best mountaineering library in the world, and in 2008 will open the finest mountaineering museum in the world: the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum.

Drop by the CMC's headquarters at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, or visit the Colorado Mountain Club at It�s definitely a �Best of� � and a Colorado treasure.