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Best Historic Photo Show -- Solo Denver 2007 - Denver's Pictorial Photographer

Denver\'s Pictorial Photographer

Denver's Pictorial Photographer

860 Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


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Pictorialism is a photographic style in which images are blurred to create the atmospheric quality normally associated with a painting. It was all the rage a hundred years ago -- and it is again right now. Believe it or not, Denver had its own first-generation pictorialist, R. Ewing Stiffler, who was the subject of Denver's Pictorial Photographer at Gallery Roach last spring. Stiffler moved to Colorado as a teenager, but he studied his craft across the country, including at the Art Institute of Chicago. To say that this exhibit was a rare viewing opportunity would be more than an understatement, since some of the pieces had not been displayed since the Denver Art Museum did a pictorialist show back in 1935.
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Jonathan Schoch
Jonathan Schoch

Is there an Otto Roach photo of Long's peak and ? Meeker peak for sale anywhere?

Thanks, Jonathan

Thomas Carr
Thomas Carr

Dear Westword Staff and Readers, I would just like to add a note of clarification. While this exhibit was graciously hosted by Gallery Roach, the exhibit was curated and presented by the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, which owns the exhibited collection of R. Ewing Stiffler photographs. CPAC is currently operating as a Center without walls, and is working diligently to maintain a presence in the Denver arts community through shows such as this.