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Best Left-Wing Media Criticism Denver 2007 - Colorado Media Matters

Like Colorado Confidential, Colorado Media Matters is the initial regional foray by a national organization -- in this case, Media Matters, a Washington, D.C., outfit founded by former right-winger David Brock. Overseen by the indefatigable Bill Menezes, an ex-Denver Post staffer, the Colorado branch monitors an incredible amount of local TV, radio and print product with an eye toward ferreting out anything that smells like conservative bias. Knowing such detectives are keeping an eye on them is bound to make ethical journalists even more aware of being evenhanded -- and that's good for everyone.
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Victor Forsythe
Victor Forsythe

The fact is that the reactionary right has most of the talk shows in Colorado due to the buy up of We The Peoples Airwaves so it no longer belongs to US but to them. It make me sick. We need to take back the airwaves