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Best New American Restaurant Denver 2007 - Deluxe - CLOSED



30 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


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Readers' Choice: Steuben's
It seems impossible, but Deluxe has managed to get better over the past few years. That's saying something, because it was pretty damn good to begin with and has always been one of our favorite spots for kicking back and treating ourselves. The menu -- a kind of Bizarro World take on the California Cuisine revolution, cooked as if the intervening twenty years never happened -- is short and tight, just right for grazing (oyster shooters, served in pho spoons) or for going all out. While the dining room is decidedly hip and funky, we prefer a seat at the copper-topped bar that surrounds the tiny kitchen, which is perfect for people-watching and even better for dining close to the action. And lest you forget what's really important here, a sign hung on the back wall reminds everyone: EAT.
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I also was not impressed with Deluxe. I like a rare steak but purple is not a good thing, especially when it tasted like lighter fluid and was cold in the center. Another member of our party was told that the kitchen 'forgot' her meal and waited another 15 minutes for hers to arrive after we had all been served. They then made up for it by offering 1 desert on the house for the five of us. Won't be back.


Not sure who wrote the review for this or how it is considered best of anything. I tried it last night based on your rating and found very little to justify it being included in the list.

The "Monsson Dumpling" starter was one click above frozen Chinese with an $8 price tag. That was after waiting 10 minutes to get waited on and another 10 minutes to get a bottle of mineral water.The special was a "BBQ" salmon -- basically a piece of steamed fish with a dab of uninspired sauce served in a bed of corn chowder and mashed potatoes for $20. While it was OK, it was more like an $8 meal at a Midwestern diner.I guess "hip and funky" means they didn't spend much converting what looked like a musty second-hand shop. But at least now I know what "New American" means -- thanks but no thanks. If I am going to spend $50 (without alcohol or dessert), I will stick with real restaurants like Rioja or Kevin Taylor.

Guess your reviews have more to do with your personal network than the food......................