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Best New Book by a Colorado Author -- Vampire Denver 2007 - The Nymphos of Rocky Flats Mario Acevedo

Felix Gomez was a soldier in Iraq. Now he's a vampire -- and a detective sent to look into a sweeping case of nymphomania at Rocky Flats. We're serious. With Gomez, Mario Acevedo has created a new literary hero for Colorado. Though a vampire, he doesn't drink blood; he works for the forces of good instead of evil; and he's quite charming. Fangs a lot, Mario.
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Ron Heimbecher
Ron Heimbecher

Your book was absolutely hilarious, Mario. The vampire PI is a wonderful, fresh idea, and your voice brought Felix to life.

This award makes a powerful mark for Nymphos everywhere!

Congrats! Just getting ready to dive into the X-Rated Blood Suckers. ;-)


Vicki Pierce
Vicki Pierce

Congratulations, Mario! This is a fun and interesting read that I really enjoyed.