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Best New-Music Radio Station Denver 2007 - Radio 1190

Fewer and fewer stations employ local DJs today, instead relying on syndicated shows or far-flung jocks who voice-track long-distance, using the same playlists across the nation. So thank goodness for Radio 1190, the outstanding station at the University of Colorado at Boulder, which employs a constantly changing but consistently passionate staff dedicated to finding the greatest possible variety of new and exciting sounds, not serving up the old stuff like the aural equivalent of comfort food. Variety is the spice of Radio 1190, and it tastes great.
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i agree with your comments to the core ,when i first started to listen to i felt guilty for about 5 min. and i picked -up the phone and have been a avid listener and contributor ever since.what a gem ,and highly nutritious. and hats off to the other stations ,kgnu,kunc,kcfr,kvou.we are really lucky to have all of the best radio in the country. so lets keep it going and support them all.


Right on! I love those CU Boulder kids... go BUFFS! Please...