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Best New State Rock Denver 2007 - The Fray

Give Girl Scout Troop 357 of Lakewood a special merit badge for convincing the legislature to make Yule marble the official state rock in 2004. Coincidentally, that's about the time some real rock -- as fashioned by the Fray -- was coming into its own. C'mon, Colorado: There's more to this state's music than John Denver.
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The Fray? Really? When did "rock" become synonomous with "boring and contrived?" The fact that the radio station formally known as KTCL - where the words 'modern' and "rock" are completely abused - is partly responsible for their fame should say it all.


It certainly was brave of you to put The Fray on your cover AFTER they were signed! I guess you can do the same with Single File now that they're signed to Time/Warner! Then, you can claim to have "discovered" them, too, even though 93.3 KTCL did all the work!