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Best One-Two Punch Denver 2007 - Paris on the Platte/Paris Wine Bar - CLOSED

Paris on the Platte/Paris Wine Bar

Paris on the Platte/Paris Wine Bar

1553 Platte St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Paris on the Platte has long been one of Denver's finest jolt joints -- and now it's among the few that can legally allow cigarettes, too, due to the Platte's designation as a tobacconist. As a result, Paris is a sturdy, smoky spot for the laptop set, with a menu full of caffeinated creations that make your eyes bug into the wee hours. For those who'd rather not ride out an all-night espresso buzz, there's the Paris Wine Bar right next door. Appealing and sophisticated, with a chill-out vibe and an unpretentious list of reasonably priced wines from around the world, Paris Wine Bar soothes the jitters as well as the soul -- and counteracts all the hyperactive hooey next door.
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