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Best Place to Shave Denver 2007 - Melt Products

Melt Products

3000 E. First Ave.

Denver, CO 80206


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Face it: After years of scraping the hair off your mug with laser-sharpened Gillette Mach 3s, your skin is left with all the sensitivity of wallet leather. Daddy may have taught you how to shave, but unless he was a metrosexual daddy, he probably wasn't very versant in product. Supplement his training with a trip to Melt, where the staff will guide you through product and regimen with loving firmness. Keep in mind that this is a Denver-based manufacturer of cruelty-free skin-care products -- so the Smooth Obsession Skin Care Prep and Smooth Operator Shea-ving Butter will moisturize your face even as it greases the local economy.
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